Sunday, April 3, 2011

Girls do stuff too

My motivation for starting a new blog is simple: There are just too many things in this world that get my panties in a twist.

You may already be familiar with my freshman attempt at blogging, My Love/Hate Relationship with Fashion. In which case—hello again! After a brief hiatus from blogging to reorganize and refocus my thoughts (along with my shoe closet), I've decided to start up again under a different name and with a slightly different theme. I'm combining my two favorite—albeit disparate—things: fashion and fitness.

I decided to do this when a simple Google search for "fashion + fitness blog" turned up fashion blogs and fitness blogs, but not much in between. Of course, there were the look-at-my-completely-impractical-outfit-aren't-I-cooler-than-you blogs, written by people who look as if they never have to run to catch a bus in a snowstorm, or for that matter, walk around outdoors at all, ever. But even the women's so-called "fitness" publications I found offered exercise routines designed to make my body "bikini-ready" and "whistle-worthy," two hyphenated phrases that have no place in my vocabulary. In general, fitness for women focuses almost exclusively on achieving and maintaining a very specific level of attractiveness, wrapped in a tastefully branded package of faux-empowerment and $90 yoga pants.

I want to talk about fashion and fitness in a different way; I want to talk about fashion for function, and function within fashion. And I want to do this in a way that's so much more than just looking cute at the gym.

Welcome to my blog, ladies. Now let's go kill some stereotypes.

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