Sunday, April 17, 2011

I don't care about celebrity marathon runners

With the 115th Boston Marathon less than 24 hours away, the inevitable fluff news piece on celebrity marathon runners has surfaced.

As usual, it's just more of the same faces. Katie Holmes ran the NYC marathon four years ago, and it's still making news? Of course, running a marathon is an impressive feat which requires some serious training. But celebrity types tend to have an advantage over the general population, and yet they receive all the adulation. Here, a few reasons why celebrity marathoners don't impress me:

Access to the best gear. This morning, I painstakingly browsed the Under Armour "outlet" website and used a code to receive free shipping on a sports bra and a pair of compression shorts. UA clothing is awesome, but it's pricey, and I try to get the best deal possible. I'm making a huge assumption about celebs here, but I think it's safe to say that, for them, the price tag is irrelevant.

Time to train. I know, I know, they all claim they're, like, sooooo totally busy slapping their name on fragrances and going to movie premieres, but in reality, they have a much more realistic option to take time off to focus on training, unlike the unwashed masses that work a desk job all week and fit their runs in before and after work.

Resources. Celebrity runners have celebrity trainers in super fancy high-end gyms, and people cook for them. I belong to a local gym that usually has only one working stair-climber and trainers that will hit on you to try to drum up business. So.

Attention. Celebrities get enough exposure. Granted, I don't care for them very much to begin with, but isn't it much more remarkable that an elite runner can complete the entire course in just over 2 hours? All a celeb has is a recognizable face.