Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jillian Michaels is surprisingly demotivating

I normally like Jillian Michaels very much.

I even officially "like" her on Facebook, and I enjoy reading her no-b.s., no-excuses brand of motivation. She has a enviable physique, and the fact that she admits to working hard to acheive it is more relatable than those that smugly claim three-times-per-week yoga keeps them fit (ahem, Gisele).

So, naturally I was interested to read the profile of her in the May issue of Shape, despite the obligatory bikini cover shot. (She's a trainer. It's a fitness magazine. Would it be so unreasonable to show her wearing athletic gear?)

Turns out I was disappointed with the majority of the article, including this quote from Jillian herself:
“No matter how thin I get, I still have cellulite. I’ve tried every cream. I’ve ironed my ass at the plastic surgeon’s office with a laser–nothing worked.”
I figure her intent here is to tell the reader, "See, even I have issues with my body. It's all relative." But a statement like this perpetuates the myth that cellulite is some kind of medical condition that must be cured (it's not; see pages 555-556 of The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health). Though I guess I can kind of relate; no matter how weight I lose, my earlobes just stay the same size. Damn earlobes. They just won't budge!

Jillian also admits the unspeakable: she doesn't like exercise. Huh? No, really:
“Let’s face it, there are plenty of other things we’d all rather be doing,” she explains.
Let me get this straight. Even with the piles of money and fame and physical strength and a slammin' body as motivators, Jillian still doesn't like working out? Again, she's likely trying to be relatable and all, but this attitude is so self-defeating. Then again, this:
“I work out to fit into my skinny jeans and feel strong.” even more inexplicable. A woman who makes a successful career out of health and fitness is reduced to saying she works out to conform to a currently faddish fashion trend. Blecch.

Recommended reading: Pro Marathoner Desiree Davila Shares Her Running Tips [Shape]
(Desiree Davila took second place in last week's Boston Marathon and pays exactly zero lip service to cellulite and skinny jeans. I think she rocks.)