Thursday, October 18, 2012

The new normal

Although we've been living in southern California for four weeks, I still find myself referring to New England, and specifically Boston, as "home."

I'm not sure when that will stop. Old habits die hard. D described it thus: "It just feels like we're on vacation." To which I agree; our proximity to the beach makes this entire experience feel like a sabbatical with fabulous weather, at least for me.

In my experience, I feel much more familiar and comfortable with a new area if I go for a run. However, this approach is not foolproof: Just the other day, I found a dirt trail alongside the Pacific Coast Highway (score!) only to reach a steel barrier and a briar of unfamiliar desert plants (i.e., a dead end). But figuring it out is part of the fun, I swear! I will run this coast, even if I'm bitten by a rattlesnake. (Ok, I'm kidding about the rattlesnake part.)

Anyway, as an homage to Ye Olde Beantown, I framed a poster I'd grabbed earlier this year at the Boston Marathon expo, and put it up in our new home office along with various finisher medals we've received over the past few years. It's a nice motivator for running, and a friendly reminder of "home" while I embrace my new "home."

I've at least learned to start calling the highway the "freeway." Baby steps.

Recommended reading: Check out the 10 Best Running Cities in the U.S., according to I'm disappointed to see that the closest "best running city" is a toss-up between San Francisco and Flagstaff, Arizona. Come on O.C., let's get moving!