Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Three point one, in numbers

Last Sunday morning, I ran my first 5K of 2015: the Renegade Race Series iTRY 5K.

Spoiler alert: I didn't win.

Anyway, since I like to actually participate in these kinds of events, I don't have any blurry mid-run selfies; you might refer back to this post to learn how I feel about that. I do, however, feel that numbers are an essential part of running and racing, so I'd like to recap the experience in quantitative terms:

3.1: number of miles in a 5K race

5: in pounds, the weight of a full container of laundry stain remover that I so elegantly dropped on my foot on the afternoon before the race

"I want you to fail," it seemed to say.

1: bruised right big toe

Less than 27: in minutes, my finishing time goal

2: number of geese along the course that appeared to be having a serious disagreement

Approximately 60: in degrees, the temperature at the start of the race (these brutal Southern California winters, man)

40: in seconds, the amount of time I went over my goal

0: effect that the Laundry Stain Remover Incident had on my performance

To infinity and beyond: about how much I hate wearing white running shoes (it's all they had in the Cumulus 16s, ok?)

Only four weeks old and already looking like poop.

At least 3: including last Sunday, how many times I've worn Spandits skull tights and placed in my age group

1: my ranking, in my age group

1: epitaph, pre-written: SHE PLACED FIRST IN HER AGE GROUP ONCE

Oh, hell yeah, prizes too.

1: delicious celebratory egg and sausage biscuit sandwich

Tons: amount of fun I had running outside in the hills and canyons of south Orange County. My entry to this race was comped because I'm a Renegade Rep so I'll try to keep the marketing-speak out of it, but seriously, what a fantastic race course. It had lakes (hence the geese), mountain views, some dirt trail, and clear route signage. For best results, though, I recommend wearing skull tights and dropping a blunt, heavy object on your foot about 12 hours beforehand. Totally works for me.