Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Five (better) reasons to run trails

Today, Runner's World published an article on their website called "Five Reasons to Run Trails." It's a good piece with some practical advice, but it lacks some important, less-tangible benefits to hitting the dirt.

It's softer, so it's harder. (Hardy har.) Dirt surfaces have more "give" than asphalt or concrete, which will slow your usual pace. Bonus: If you think you're quite the hotshot on the roads, trails will help keep your ego in check.

No cars. Having to constantly be on alert for car traffic is the single biggest pain in the ass about running, second only to the literal pain-in-the-ass of foam rolling my glutes. Trails are blissfully free of those derpy distracted drivers.

The views. Lots of trails run through nature preserves and public lands, along beaches and rivers, and deep into canyons and forests. Do I really need to explain this one?

It doesn't come packaged with some stupid restrictive diet. (Come on guys, you know exactly what I'm talking about.) In fact, it's totally acceptable to finish off a great day on the trails with a cold brew.

It's FUN. There's something so primal about ditching civilization for a couple hours to soak up some sun and get mud on your fancy running shoes.

So, are you drinking my Kool-Aid yet? Good.

I'm planning to run the XTERRA Renegade Off-Road 3-Mile Trail Run Challenge (there are tri and duathlon options as well) on May 17. Join me! The price goes up after 3/24 so sign up soon and use my sooper speshul Renegade Racing rep code VERONICADISCOUNT to get 10% off registration.

Now get some!