Friday, March 28, 2014

The editors at SELF are a bunch of "tulles"

Oh, come on. That pun practically wrote itself.

By now you've probably heard all the hubbub surrounding a runner at the LA Marathon, a tutu, and some editors at a major magazine each rueing the day they were born. There are some good responses over at Fit and Feminist and Jezebel, so I won't rehash what's already been said.

Here's what I will say, though: mocking your own reader is a supremely dumb idea. It's kind of cruel, too, whether you knew she had cancer or not.

I also can't help but notice the lack of mass disdain for men who run in costume. I've seen guys in full tuxedos, or dressed as giant cheeseburgers, or that extremely-played-out Captain America getup. People laugh, no one gets hurt. Then what's so terrible about a tutu? Oh, that's right. Women do it. So it must be stupid. It's a message that gets reinforced time after time in subtle ways. It's why women's sports don't get the same media coverage and respect as men's; it's why boys are generally shamed for acting "girly."

So, you can imagine how insulting it is to receive this kind of disrespect from a publication that purports to be on "our" side. Wearing a tutu isn't really my jam either but, please, rock on with your bad self if that's what you want to do. Life is too short to, well, you know.

One last thing: It turns out that the two runners in the photo are board members for Girls on the Run San Diego. As it happens, yours truly is a board member for the brand new GOTR Orange County chapter: a very worthy cause, and a way to fight the stupid status quo mainstream women's rags like these are upholding. I strongly encourage you to check us out!