Saturday, April 12, 2014

Can spinning make you fat? Probably not, but reading Harper's Bazaar might make you stupid

I tend to read the "fitness" sections of women's mainstream fashion magazines with a certain amount of skepticism.

These are the same publications, after all, that present cosmetic surgery as a perfectly reasonable alternative to a gym membership. So when I saw this Harper's Bazaar article making the rounds, I figured it was the usual fashion rag rubbish illustrated by a completely predictable riding-a-bike-in-stilettos photograph.

I was right. It was so, so stupid. It was even stupider than I expected, and my bar was already set pretty low.

One of my favorite bloggers, Fit and Feminist, wrote a great post about this article, in which she admits that she would rather ride her bike and run and swim and risk being a person that Harper's Bazaar might deem "fat" because in the end, who gives a rat's ass what Harper's Bazaar thinks, anyway?
You know what I say? If you love something, do it. And if doing that thing changes your body in ways that stray from the beauty standard, then fuck the beauty standard.
Aaaaand...I couldn't agree more. Besides, the woman in the photograph is sitting on her bike backward. I may not have those impossibly long, tanned, slender legs, but at least I know which end of my bike is which.